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By | May 27, 2016

Homeopathic News – May 2016

Welcome to the much awaited 1st homeopathic newsletter.

Given some of you have given consent to emails 10 years ago, it’s a long time coming.

No promises in regards to their regularity.

The general aim is to bring hopefully valuable information regarding homeopathic medicine that may support informed decisions in your healthcare.

For those that are interested there will be some discussion about the evidence base for homeopathic medicine in the next newsletter. There will also be a look at different ways in which medicines can be used.

In some respects homeopathy is the original evidence based medicine, but more on that next time.

In this edition we will have a look at first aid medicines – many of you will be familiar with these remedies.

Please note first aid medicines are available at $12 each to all patients of the practice.

All are welcome to a 2 for 1 first aid remedy as part of this first newsletter. Please feel free to pick them up, or alternatively we can send them in the mail for an additional $8 postage fee if you let us know.

All remedies have been tried and used for over 200 years of practice.

I add some of my own experiences over 27 years of practice; visits to homeopathic hospitals in India and ongoing communication with homeopathic research institutes in Calcutta.

Many will have their own experiences with:

Arnica as a medicine for bruises.

It is pre-eminently a remedy for soft tissue injuries and after trauma.

A number of personal and professional anecdotes describe the potential scope of application of this medicine.

Many years ago, giving a seminar in Queensland, I was being shown around Brisbane and pointing out the sights when my driver ran into the back of a stopped car at about 60km. Severely winded from the impact and seatbelt jar I sat on the gutter beside the car and recovered my breath but began to feel heart palpitations and was pale – signs of what was once called shock- now acute stress reaction. This to differentiate from shock related to blood loss, known as hypovolemic shock. It took about an hour to get back to where we were staying with a homeopath, who gave a single dose of Arnica M and within minutes I was feeling my old self. I could not stand in the intervening hour and felt very fragile.

A friend, who I had given a First Aid Kit to travel overseas with, was physically assaulted in South America. She reported that Arnica had helped her both emotionally and physically.

Patients have reported Arnica helpful for emotional ‘bruising‘or trauma. In these circumstances a potency higher than 30 would be used. In some respects when higher potencies are used, the greater the force experienced. So a simple bump or bruise might be 30c, road trauma or physical assault M or 10 m

If you consider that Arnica helps to resolve bruising – or congealed blood, Arnica may have other valuable applications with blood and blood vessels. Corked thighs might be another potential application.

The next newsletter will talk about Hypericum.

For those of you with IPhones, face time consultations can also be arranged, assuming physical examination is not required.

Please note clinically I have taken a special interest in hay fever. My experience with this has shown very good outcomes with symptomatic and seasonal relief.

Please contact with any queries by phone at the clinic 03 5222 1055

Email queries will not be responded to except via contact form on the website.

Yours in Health

Sincerely Michael Higginson


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