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Homeopathy- The original evidence based medicine

Article by Michael Higginson - Homeopath - Naturopath

B.Sc. ND. B.Nat. - Fellow ANTA - Member AROH

Homeopathy- The original evidence based medicine

A proving is a valid scientific experiment where a substance in material dose is given to healthy human volunteers for the purpose of finding out what signs and symptoms it causes. These signs and symptoms form the prescribing indications to apply the medicine in sickness. The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) recognises a well conducted proving as medium level  scientific evidence; in its guidelines for levels and kinds of evidence to support indications and claims. A homeopathic proving can be understood as an N=1 trial.

A vaccination is  in fact a simple homeopathic application . A substance capable of causing a disease is given to protect from that disease.
Throughout the medical literature there are so called paradoxical effects. Unwittingly they are describing a homeopathic effect. The medicine is causing what it is supposed to cure. Digitalis causes and cures arrhythmias depending on the dose. Dexamphetamine used for Attention deficit disorder, is essentially speed causing an overstimulated  state in the healthy, it is prescribed for this state in the unwell.

There is an emerging field of medicine called paradoxical pharmacology essentially homeopathy by another name. For the interested reader an article in The International Journal of High Dilution Research entitled Paradoxical Pharmacology: Therapeutic strategy  used by the homeopathic pharmacology for more than two centuries provides more information.

The point of this description and elucidating examples is to demonstrate that the first principle of homeopathic medicine has nothing to do with infinitessimal doses!
The recent NHMRC review fails to appreciate this point. So called friends of science and medicine fail to appreciate this point.
The NHMRC review is deeply flawed. Please refer to the AROH website to review its largely ignored submission. Please refer to the Complementary Medicines Australia critique of the NHMRC review with specific regard to homeopathy.

The World Health Organisation estimates 500 million  people worldwide  in dozens of countries use homeopathic medicine. Are they all imagining it?
 The front page article in the  Australian one week ago suggested that usage of complementary medicine had risen 350%. Even the most basic analysis of this would suggest it is because it is effective. People are paying for complementary  medicine very largely from their own pocket.

Peter Gotzsche in his book Medicine  and Organised Crime –How Big Pharma has corrupted healthcare,states that pharmaceutical drugs are the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease.  If this was a disease at one tenth of this prevalence we would have global mayhem. Instead we are like frogs in a warming bath. Peter Gotzsche  is not some fly by night internet blogger. This is an internationally recognised Danish Professor of Medicine and an   editor of the Cochrane methodology review group. Drug company research is increasingly like tobacco company research according to this author. So we should pour more and more public money into killing more people. The NHMRC depends heavily on research guidelines  that drug companies adhere to. Homeopathic medicines are inexpensive  and unpatentable. I’m sure this has no influence.

As a secular civil society  we need to support and encourage different ways of doing things. It is the history of science. The first principle of homeopathy is well proven and readily duplicatable. The second observation, of the effectiveness of infinitessimal doses, is a first order scientific breakthrough. Historically breakthroughs of this order have faced great opposition. The hyperrational minds that oppose homeopathy may not have the quantum wherewithal to take the leap from a Newtonian model of healthcare.

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